Hey There!

Be Community Guidelines


We have a few simple things we ask.

  1. Be positive, give value, ask questions and be a stand up kinda gal! This platform is a trusted space where we focus on connecting, celebrating and supporting one another in all of our uniqueness and life’s endeavors.  There’s enough ugly in the world. Let’s keep it REAL but positive!
  2. This is a ZERO PROMO ZONE.  This includes anything that isn’t related to the daily prompts, unless otherwise approved with corporate.  No links, selling of any kind, no comment below.  If you want to receive <insert free offer> kinda post,tagging your biz page, or messaging others unless it is related to a buddy system and support in a challenge. You can still add value and gain visibility without promo.   We encourage networking and sharing what you do and how you can help people.  Ask us how to register your business and/or non-profit.  Not sure how? Just ask.
  3. Members who abuse this group, or don’t follow the above community guidelines may be removed.
  4. KNOW THIS: There is no one like you. There is no one that can be you!! You are bold, You are beautiful, You are perfectly YOU!  Be A Thriver “empowering me to be a stronger we”  Be. Inspired Be. Empowered Be. Unstoppable.
  5. And last but not least… get to know one another, and find ways to collaborate, connect and empower each other and your communities. 

Be Network: A place where women empower each other together. “Empowering Me To Be A Stronger We.”

Important: Members are the only individuals able to post in this group as a benefit to their membership.

Please contact Kimberly Price with any questions related to the Be Network at kimberly@beathriver.com.